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For class on Monday, March 27, please complete the following homework assignments:

  1. Read WOVENText 517-533 on Collages/Visual Arguments
  2. Watch the video on “Teamwork Fundamentals.” Remember, you will need to sign in to with your GATech credentials to watch the video for free.


Looking ahead to Wednesday, March 29, the homework will be:

  1. Bring a digital draft of your poster and a draft of your movie blurb to class for peer review/poster session rehearsal
  2. Watch this video on “Giving an Effective Poster Presentation” on YouTube


Your movie posters and blurbs will now be due on Friday, March 31 and we will hold our mock poster session in class. An updated version of the syllabus for the remaining 4.5 weeks of class is coming soon.

To start class today, we went through a brief review/refresher on some visual rhetorical choices; for a more in-depth coverage of this material, look back to WOVENText Chapter 5 and 14. The PowerPoint from today’s class is available to you in TSquare, under the Week 5 folder in the Resources tab.

We then spent the majority of the class working through your Peer Review of your Infographics. Each team was asked to find different partners in order to review a different infographic. The Infographic Peer Review worksheet to help guide your response to your peer’s work is also available on TSquare.

You will complete your peer review digitally and email a copy of that sheet to your peer review partner. Once you have your own comments back, you and your teammate should review the comments carefully and decide what advice you want to follow and what additional changes you need to make based on your own review of other infographics. This peer review process should help you to see your own work with fresh eyes and help you to revise the document before Friday’s deadline. Finally, be sure you save those peer reviews of your Infographic in your folder for the final portfolio!

With the time that remained in class, we closed out our discussion of The Hunger Games book and films, allowing you all to bring up your final thoughts and ideas that you continue to be interested in pursuing, perhaps into your research project. We will start discussing Little Brother by Cory Doctrow next class, which will be a switch in focus and sub-genre.


  1. Infographic will be due at 11:55pm to TSquare on Friday – 1 copy per group. Please put both last names in the Infographic file name
  2. Read Little Brother chapters 1-8 (LIVETWEET + Discussion Question)
  3. Continue to research for Project 2. Compose a #FollowFriday tweet related to your research findings with 3-5 @usernames (user names of scholars, journals you’ve found useful, user who has tweeted sources you might use)