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On Friday, I will be giving a presentation on the role of “Technological Surveillance in YA Dystopias” and the effect that it has on characters within the books that we’ve read (as well as my independent reading book, Matched). I will start by giving my personal definition of what a Dystopia is, just as I did in my first blog, and then I will delve into the definition of technological surveillance and I will connect the two definitions to one another. I am going to discuss how the presence of technological surveillance in societies have a largely negative effect on the characters that I’ve chosen to discuss from each book. I think that the presentation will be interesting for you all to hear because although we’ve talked a great deal about technological surveillance in Little Brother, we haven’t had the chance to really discuss its’ effect in The Hunger Games. In addition to discussing the effects that surveillance has on the psychological state of characters within these novels, I plan to compare the level of surveillance in the novels to the level of surveillance in the world today. It’s scary, but I’ve found lots of similarities.

I am also excited to present the information that I’ve discovered about technological surveillance in the United States today because there seem to be a lot of things that we aren’t aware of as US citizens and I am interested to see how people will react to what I’ve found in my sources. You should all look forward to hearing my presentation because it will not only shed light on subjects that we haven’t been able to discuss about the books we’ve read in class, but it will also shed light on how scarily similar some of these books are to today’s world. I hope that my presentation will make you think about your use of technology and reconsider how excessively one should use said technology. I’ve attached a link to one of my sources and I hope you all get a chance to read or skim through it so that you might have some food for thought before my presentation.