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Personally, I disagree with everything that Donald Trump has done, and it sparked my interest in wanting to know how he was the person chosen to win the election. Once I started looking at statistics that came out when he was elected in November, I started realizing that there was more to the whole picture than one candidate losing the popular vote. As I started looking into the creation of the United States government, I realized that there were many aspects of its creation that could be considered striving for perfection. This is when I realized that one could say that the United States was created to be a utopia and eventually failed to be one

This realization that the United States is a failed utopia is the focus of my research paper. I am going to present about how there are phrases in the Declaration of Independence that reveal that the founders of the United States were seeking perfection. Another point in my presentation is about how the United States is now labeled as a flawed democracy. This has been the result of citizens no longer trusting their representatives. Below is the link to The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Website as well as a link to a NBC article that talks about why the United States is now considered a flawed democracy. The EIU gives countries a score based on factors such as if their government has free elections, the political culture, and political participation. Since the United States has been lacking in some of these countries, they are no longer considered a full democracy.

Another aspect of my presentation is comparing the United States to my novel The Selection by Kiera Cass. The Selection is set in the future United States where a democracy no longer exists. I thought this was interesting because the book is predicting that the current government is flawed and will crumble in the future. The possibility of the United States government not surviving is what I would say is one of the key elements of why it can be considered a dystopia. A crumbling government is key to a dystopia because it allows for someone to come in and change the society that he or she is living in. The possibility that the United States will go through a government change is one of the key elements in my research paper.