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The first thing we did today was look ahead to next week’s mock academic conference. We looked at the schedule and the roles that each panel will need; if you are interested in volunteering to be a moderator or videographer for a specific panel, please let me know (otherwise I will assign individuals to those roles). On days you are not presenting or helping with a panel, you will need to come prepared to engage in a peer review activity for each paper presented.

Next we talked through ways to build a strong foundation for your presentation by incorporating research into your argument. We emphasized the importance of making your own individual contribution to the argument clear; your argument should be at the center of the presentation and paper. We talked about how to write a strong, clear, dynamic thesis statement that makes an argument, that takes a stand and that forecasts the structure of your paper or talk. We also talked about how to surround your evidence with your own argument and interpretation in a quotation sandwich so that you are always explicit and clear about how your research supports the claims you are making. These kinds of quote sandwiches are vital to a well supported paper and presentation, though you will need to adjust depending on the mode of your communication.

Finally, we talked through some fundamentals of good presentations and looked at some key points of good presentations. You want to be sure you identify your audience and their needs as you begin to structure your presentation. You also want to think carefully about your goals and the ways in which your goals can be communicated to the audience. We talked a little about the levels of formality and how to use specific mediums of delivery to communicate with particular audiences. Then we talked more about how to structure your talk to help keep your audience invested, to hep your audience remember your key points and to avoid common pitfalls of presentations.



  • Watch Lynda Video – Presentation Fundamentals (log in with your GATech credentials)
  • Continue to work on research paper – draft dynamic thesis statement and bring to class Wednesday
  • Begin drafting/outlining presentation script – plan to bring to class on Friday IN THE COMMUNICATION CENTER