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While reading The Hunger Games, it’s hard not to notice how much propaganda is used by the Capitol. The Capitol uses its many methods of propaganda to keep its citizens in place and unaware of its inner-workings. One of the methods that stands out the most to me within the novel is the “history of Panem” speech given at the reaping in the very first chapter of the novel. The speech makes the Capitol seem so much more glorious and gracious than it really is.  I imagine that when the speech is given in Districts like 2 and 3, citizens applaud the capitol for its accomplishments in putting the rebellion down; however, when the speech is delivered to District 12, the people know how full of crap the Capitol is.

Nonetheless, The Capitol is effective in its use of propaganda; it convinces the districts to put forth their best “tributes” to fight in “The Games”. In the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, the producers decided to incorporate this “history of Panem” in a video instead of through a speech. While watching the movie, I found the video extremely effective in making it seem that the people in The Capitol are the good guys as opposed to the bad guys that they truly are. I also imagine that the video in the movie is very similar to how the speech is delivered in the book. While it is an unfortunate reality for those who live in the Districts of Panem, The Capitol has its citizens convinced that “The Games” are not only the best way to keep peace, but also a great mode of entertainment for them. In fact, they have been so effective with their advertising and promotions for “The Games” that it lasted 74 years before any legitimate rebellious activity occurred. Ultimately, while The Capitol was effective with “The Games” for a long time, but as President Snow said himself, “The only thing stronger than fear is hope”, and Katniss becomes that beacon of hope for Panem.