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Katniss and Peeta during the Games.

I am hoping, immediately, a person reading the title of the blog is able to envision the Seinfeld episode where the Soup Nazi came from. If not, that is okay because it is not key to understanding the rest of the blog post.  Now, Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi have nothing to do with dystopia and YA dystopian literature, but propaganda and media have everything to do with dystopian literature.  The reason I bring up the Soup Nazi is to paint the picture seen in The Hunger Games when Peeta is sent the soup by the sponsors.  Peeta is badly wounded and Katniss is able to feed him the soup that possibly saved his life.  With Katniss and Peeta being in love, the two steal the hearts of the audience, and in particular, the Capitol.  Sponsors begin helping the two by sending them resources in their time of need as Haymitch, their beloved mentor, elevates their status.  This is an example of propaganda being used to further a cause and help Peeta in his time of need.  Through the use of media, all of the country is able watch the Capitol help Mr. and Mrs. Peeta Mellark.

The reaping in District Twelve.

When looking further at the media and propaganda in The Hunger Games, the first moment we see propaganda negatively appear is during the reaping.  The reaping is a large “movie” set where the Capitol picks one male and female tribute to play in the Games; the scene is set with lights, microphones and screens, which is something only dreamed of in District 12, as it is one of the poorest Districts in all of Panem.  Those involved in the reaping must dress in their finest clothing and even bathe, something not done regularly by the Katniss Everdeen.  With the Capitol and all of the country viewing the poorest District with nice clothing and a nice “movie” set, the thought of the despair and horrific conditions experienced by District 12 is unthinkable.  No one can see the real-life conditions of the people living in District 12.  The Capitol uses the propaganda to make the District appear richer than it truly is; this is what keeps the plague of poverty in District 12.

Overall, the conclusion can be made that propaganda and the use of media is a way to positively and negatively affect a cause or campaign.  Katniss and Peeta knew how to play the game and win the hearts of the sponsors in the Capitol.  Also, the Capitol was smart in their decision to make the Districts appear better than they really were.  In the end, propaganda and media was able to persuade viewers and audiences of something that was not entirely true.

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