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Today in class we looked over some generalized feedback based on my midterm assessment. We talked through some important distinctions in dystopian theory and I reiterated some key elements of success for blog posts, in-class participation and Twitter participation. I encourage you to look over your feedback on TSquare (Gradebook-Comments on Twitter & Participation assignment) and assess what you need to do in order to improve for the second half of the semester.

We followed this discussion with a reflection exercise, first looking at your infographic assignment, then looking at the class as a whole. These reflections should be filed away in your folder for the end of the semester portfolio.

We talked briefly about the idea of apocalypse and what post-apocalyptic literature looks like and used the Knickerbocker essay to ground our discussion of apocalypse. We emphasized the Biblical origins of the apocalyptic narrative and its relation to dystopia and utopia, as both a literary device and a part of the evolution process of society.

We moved on to talk about The 100. In small groups, you worked to identify the key defining elements of both The Ground and The Arc as dystopian societies and post-apocalyptic societies. We will start next class by looking at these charts and arguing for whether The 100 is a dystopian story with elements of post-apocalypse or a post-apocalyptic narrative with some elements of dystopia. We’ll also look at your Twitter discussion questions and discuss the show in more depth.


  1. Blog Post 3 due by 11:55pm. Please be sure to review the generalized feedback on blog posts from my post earlier today.
  2. Read Darko Suvin’s article “On the Poetics of the Science Fiction Genre” available on TSquare (Resources folder ->Week 7).
  3. Continue to research for your research project – remember your annotated bibliography is due on Friday.