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For today, we discussed the key elements to successful group presentations and the types of preparation you should consider that differ from preparation for individual presentations.

Then, we watched a clip from the final episode of Season 1 of the 3% on Netflix and discussed the “twist” ending, along with the article you read for today. We discussed the implications of the ending and imagined what the next season of the show might look like and what the “Offshore” might look like as an imagined utopia.

A note about using Mahara and the ways in which you should plan to use the platform to display your propaganda projects. Key points to remember:

  1. One team member should assemble the portfolio and be responsible for turning it in
  2. The way you lay out the materials in Mahara is a part of the presentation: keep visual design and visual rhetoric elements in mind as you begin to assemble your artifacts.
  3. If you have artifacts that exist in non-digital form (such as physical objects, performances), you will need to include a digital representation (photographs, video) in the Mahara portfolio but you can also turn in the physical object after your presentation in class on April 17.


Friday is a team work day. You have options but you must MEET AS A TEAM during the 50 minutes of our class (if you do not attend your team meeting, it will count as an absence).

Your options include:

  1. Schedule a team meeting with Dr. Fitz between 8:05-11:55am
  2. Schedule a time to use the sound recording booth in Hall between 8:05-11:55am
  3. Meet in the Homer Rice classroom and work with Alison Valk (she has offered her expertise in a wide range of digital platforms including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, iMovie, and more)
    • Please send Alison an email letting her know if your team plans to work in Homer Rice and if you know of specific issues you are having or want help with, give her a heads up on that too (her contact info is on TSquare ->Announcements)
  4. Meet in another location (multimedia studio, Paper and Clay, Invention Studio, Communication Center, our classroom) and work together as a team

You are welcome to mix and match these options (for example, schedule a meeting with Dr. Fitz at 8:05, then go to Paper and Clay OR schedule a time to meet with a tutor at the Communication Center and then go to the multimedia studio to finish and print your materials). Meetings with me and time in the sound booth will be first come first serve, so plan to sign up ASAP.

Monday is group presentation day. If you have a Powerpoint, Prezi or other presentation you want me to pull up on the computer, feel free to submit it to TSquare no later than 6am on Monday, April 17. If you are planning to use your Mahara page to present your materials, use the instructions we discussed in class to submit the “Secret Link” to TSquare.

Wednesday, April 19 we will begin discussing and working on your final portfolios. Please plan to bring your laptop to class. Have the file with your artifacts, drafts, peer reviews, instructor feedback and reflections handy.

Today in class will be our poster session for your movie posters. Remember, you have three major goals today (plus the fourth goal of improving your visual design skills with your poster)

  1. Practice a poster session presentation in a low stakes environment
  2. Learn more about the books you might work on for your propaganda project
  3. Fun!


The poster session will be run in three parts – please see TSquare for your group assignment

Session 1 – X:05-X:20

  • Group A will present posters
  • Group B will record ONE presentation (pitch and questions)
  • Group C will ask at least 3 questions

Session 2 – X:20-X:35

  • Group B will present posters
  • Group C will record ONE presentation (pitch and questions)
  • Group A will ask at least 3 questions

Session 3 X:35-X:55

  • Group C will present posters
  • Group A will record ONE presentation (pitch and questions)
  • Group B will ask at least 3 questions


HOMEWORK for Monday, April 3

  • Due tonight: video of presentation to Tsquare – submit as a YouTube link like you did your CFW Video
  • Team charter due in hard copy in class on April 3 – all team members should sign it
    • Begin working on your propaganda project in earnest now – due April 17 in class (presentation) and via Mahara (propaganda campaign)
  • Read and livetweet first part of Ship Breaker (Chapters 1-10)
  • Read CCUL Chapter 11

For class on Monday, March 27, please complete the following homework assignments:

  1. Read WOVENText 517-533 on Collages/Visual Arguments
  2. Watch the video on “Teamwork Fundamentals.” Remember, you will need to sign in to with your GATech credentials to watch the video for free.


Looking ahead to Wednesday, March 29, the homework will be:

  1. Bring a digital draft of your poster and a draft of your movie blurb to class for peer review/poster session rehearsal
  2. Watch this video on “Giving an Effective Poster Presentation” on YouTube


Your movie posters and blurbs will now be due on Friday, March 31 and we will hold our mock poster session in class. An updated version of the syllabus for the remaining 4.5 weeks of class is coming soon.

For the next 4 class periods, our class will be engaged in a mock academic conference. Each student will present the key points of their research project to the rest of the class (a knowledgeable audience on YA dystopian fiction) in a 6-8 minute presentations.

The conference schedule is available here: be sure you double-check to see if you are moderating/videotaping on days you are not presenting.

If you are presenting, moderating or videotaping, you DO NOT need to peer review for that day.


  • Upload your visuals to PPT the night before your presentation – I’ll download all of them and have them ready before your class begins
  • Come to class 5 minutes early to get set up and have time to do your calming routine before your presentation.
    • First panel: sit at the front of the room
    • Second panel: sit where there aren’t peer review sheets


  • Come to class 5 minutes early
  • Bring a device you can use as a timer (phone, tablet, computer is fine)
  • Be prepared to warn presenters when they are running out of time with signs (2 minute warning, 1 minute warning, stop)


  • Use the supplied video camera to record the presenter- it is important to keep them in the center of the frame
  • Stop and start the camera between each presentation


If you are not presenting, moderating or videotaping, you are a peer-reviewing audience member!

  • You should have 2-3 peer review sheets, each for a different person. You will NOT have a peer review sheet for every presenter.
  • Watch the presentation and fill out the sheets for the appropriate person
  • Live tweet the presentations you are not peer reviewing
  • Turn in all your peer review sheets to Dr. Fitz at the end of the class for participation credit



  1. Prepare for your presentation
  2. Continue working on your research papers, due Friday, March 17