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Today, we spent some time discussing in-depth the artifact pages for the final portfolio, including “Artifact 0” for your Common First Week video and the three additional pages for the artifacts you have chosen. We will go through the requirements of the portfolio assignment and discuss which of the artifacts from the course fits into each of the required categories and how you might use these artifacts to support the argument you want to make in your self-reflection essay. We also discussed how to best incorporate process documents into your portfolio and how to use the layout options in Mahara to best display your multimodal process documents.

You were given two options for the second half of class: either to complete the optional survey for the Twitter in the Composition Classroom study (link available on TSquare) or to work on your Mahara portfolio.


  1. Complete a draft of your self-reflection essay and bring it to class on Monday
  2. Begin constructing your artifact pages
  3. IF YOU COMPLETED THE EXTRA CREDIT BLOG POST: If you have not already, please decide where you want your extra credit points assigned (participation or to replace a previous blog post grade). You must notify Dr. Fitz of your decision no later than April 26. It is possible for extra credit points applied to the Participation category to push your grade above 150/150.