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I am really interested in the division between classes in dystopias. In The Hunger Games, that division impacted the likelihood of success in the games. Your wealth, status, and quality of life is determined simply by the location you are born. This is really intriguing to me because, for the most part, you have to be born into success rather than work for it, which is so different from our world today.

In my independent reading, Legend, two characters receive perfect scores on a test that determines whether or not they go to college and receive good jobs. The one from the Elite district is accepted into a top college and promised a successful government job. The character from the Poor district doesn’t have the same luck. His score is hidden and on public record, it said he failed. He then is sent to be tested on in labs. In the labs, his eyes were dissected to see why he had such great eyesight, his muscles were prodded to see why they were so strong, and his heart was medicated to see how string his heart was. These tests were so extensive that they “killed” him, leading to the question asking why their situations were so different.

While I know this idea is really vague, I hope to specify it by elaborating on what creates the divisions in society and why the Elite district feels so threatened by the Poor district. Hopefully my research will explain why they rely so much on surveillance and controlling the Poor district with disease or games. I want to focus my research on the reason of the citizens in the elite districts rather than the reasoning the government gives them.

I really want to write about this because it is a question I have continuously asked myself while reading and watching dystopias. How they could tolerate the unjust treatment of others simply based on the family they were born into. To just sit back and watch while people suffer seems so heartless and makes those characters seem less human.