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Today, we discussed the end of Ship Breaker in a fishbowl!

We also discussed the Netflix series 3%, covering episodes 1, 2, and 4 (no spoilers if you finished the series over the weekend! We’ll watch a clip from the final episode and discuss it next class!) We started with a close reading of the introduction to The Process and what it means to have a society based on separation.

Once we completed our discussion, I gave you the remaining time to work in your teams on the propaganda project. We will discuss the group presentation and using Mahara to compile your propaganda artifacts on Wednesday, so for now continue working on the actual artifacts and your team presentation.


  1. Read the IndieWire article about the show’s “twist” ending
  2. Log into and explore
  3. Continue working on the propaganda project with your team

Friday is a team work day. You have options but you must MEET AS A TEAM during the 50 minutes of our class (if you do not attend your team meeting, it will count as an absence).

Your options include:

  1. Schedule a team meeting with Dr. Fitz between 8:05-11:55am
  2. Schedule a time to use the sound recording booth in Hall between 8:05-11:55am
  3. Meet in the Homer Rice classroom and work with Alison Valk (she has offered her expertise in a wide range of digital platforms including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, iMovie, and more)
    • Please send Alison an email letting her know if your team plans to work in Homer Rice and if you know of specific issues you are having or want help with, give her a heads up on that too (her contact info is on TSquare ->Announcements)
  4. Meet in another location (multimedia studio, Paper and Clay, Invention Studio, Communication Center, our classroom) and work together as a team

You are welcome to mix and match these options (for example, schedule a meeting with Dr. Fitz at 8:05, then go to Paper and Clay OR schedule a time to meet with a tutor at the Communication Center and then go to the multimedia studio to finish and print your materials). Meetings with me and time in the sound booth will be first come first serve, so plan to sign up ASAP.