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In today’s class, we focused mainly on the Common First Week project, discussing in depth the different WOVEN modes, the challenges of working in these modes, and the goals you may have for improving within each of those modes.

We first discussed more about the theme for the course: YA dystopia. We talked briefly about how this theme would frame our discussions of communication and how your own independent reading would feature into the research assignments we will complete later in the semester. You will want to peruse the list of pre-approved titles for the Independent Reading Assignment (available on TSquare) and choose the book you would like to work with this semester (come prepared with your top 3 choices, in case someone else has already chosen your first choice).

After that discussion, you worked in teams to brainstorm different forms of media and communication that emphasize each of the different modes and we talked about the ways in which these modes function independently and in concert with the others.

We then brainstormed concrete ways to improve your work in each of those modes and discussed the ways in which you have or have not worked on improving these modes specifically in your previous English/Communication courses.

Finally, you started writing independently, thinking through the mode you would like to focus on when it comes to your Common First Week video. I asked you to write about not only your concerns or fears about the mode you have chosen, but also about a goal you would like to achieve as you work to improve in that mode of communication.


  1. Read CCUL 1 & 2
  2. Read WOVENText 3
  3. Begin work on CFW Video
    1. Begin brainstorming/writing script
    2. Reserve camera from the library if you need to borrow one


  • If you haven’t already, print, fill out, sign and return the Statement of Understanding on the last page of the syllabus (PDF available on TSquare).
  • Order/purchase textbooks (see syllabus)
  • Look at pre-approved books for Independent Reading (on TSquare) and choose top 3 for your own research purposes (due Wednesday, January 18)

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely winter break!

Welcome to ENGL 1102 “Rhetoric, Propaganda and the High Stakes of YA Dystopian Fiction.”

For today’s class, our very first meeting, we went over a few items, including:

  • A discussion of rhetoric and how it relates to our goals in ENGL 1102
  • A discussion of multimodality and Georgia Tech’s WOVEN communication curriculum
  • An introduction to the course theme, YA dystopian fiction

You also took some time to go through the syllabus with a partner and find answers to the top 10 most frequently asked questions, as well as to come up with questions of your own pertaining to the syllabus. We talked briefly about some of the contents on the syllabus, but will go into greater detail, especially in regards to assignments, in future classes.

If you were not in class or if you added in late, check in with a classmate to find out what you missed in the discussion. Be sure you have read the syllabus thoroughly and bring any questions you might have to class or office hours.


For Wednesday’s class, you will need to complete the following:

  • Read syllabus in detail, sign and return last page of the syllabus (A PDF of the last page is available in TSquare under the “Syllabus” tab)
  • Read over Common First Week project assignment sheet
  • Purchase/order textbooks (all are available through the GATech Barnes & Noble, see page 3 of the syllabus)
  • Read Chapter 1 & 2 in WOVEN Text
    • Identify the WOVEN mode you are most uncomfortable with OR the mode you want to make it your goal to improve this semester