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Propaganda was prodigious in The Hunger Games. The capitol of Panem has used propaganda to control the country. The capitol of Panem has made false claims to get citizens on their side. The Hunger Games is a story about 12 districts all located in Panem. Each year two people are chose by the “The Capitol” to represent their district in the Hunger Games by fighting till death. President Snow used live streaming, fashion, interviews, and drama to cover up the brutal reality of what the Hunger Games actually was. The Capitol made sure every household had a television no matter their place of living and also had TVs around just in case you were not home. All of these examples were used to persuade people in the country to believe and watch the Hunger Games as if it was a positive event for Panem. It made the games look as if it were more of a competition to the world.

Katniss became very popular in the Hunger Games. The celebrity and fame of the Hunger Games that was televised to the rest of the country showed a different image of what really occured. That was President Snow’s plan, to not show everyone what the real cause of the Hunger Games. It was shown similar to a reality show in the real world today. An example of propaganda in the Hunger Games was that Katniss and Peeta were acting as lovers. This made the audience more and more interested in the games. It also gave the audience mixed emotions because it was only possible for one them to win. Another example of propaganda in the Hunger Games was how they televised the games. It made it seem as more of a sport than a war. This made the games appear interesting and fun to be a part of while the people of Panem watched.

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