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Today we discussed annotated bibliographies. We started the class by working through a PowerPoint (available on TSquare) that laid out the basic elements in a standard evaluative annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliographies are a standard genre within research oriented fields, so it is important to know the basic shape and requirements (though it is likely that each professor, lab PI, or boss you work for will have slightly different preferences for how to set one up). For our purposes, consult the class PPT and the Purdue OWL for questions on format and analytical content.

We also spent a little more time talking through the particulars of MLA 8, especially the new structure of the citations and the use of “containers” to describe different types of work. We will be using MLA 8 throughout the semester, so keep your handbook handy!

Then, in small groups, you completed an activity designed to get you started on your annotated bibliography. This activity asked you to write and peer review citations for the two sources you brought today, as well as describe the sources to your partner. The notes from this activity can help you to form the base of your first two annotations (and should also be tucked away in your folder for possible final portfolio fodder at the end of the semester.)

We largely ran out of time to discuss the middle section of Little Brother, so we will look at that along with the last section on Wednesday. Plan to discuss the role of a free and uncensored education in preventing dystopia, the role of protest in voicing dissent, and the depiction of media in the story from this section, along with your discussion questions.


  1. Finish reading Little Brother through the Afterword
  2. Read Ames, Melissa. “Engaging “Apolitical” Adolescents: Analyzing the Popularity and Educational Potential of Dystopian Literature Post-9/11.”  The High School Journal, Volume 97, Number 1, Fall 2013, pp. 3-20 (Article). Published by The University of North Carolina Press. DOI:
  3. Continue to research for independent project – aim to have 4 sources + independent reading book by Friday