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As a black male that lives in America I sometimes feel that my race of people have lived in a dystopia for a while now. Being a minority in a country that oppressed the some people who help build it to world dominate makes you feel bad. As I read dystopia novels like a shipbreaker or a hunger games I have reached the fact the dystopian novels take a topic that America or another country struggle with mostly moral justice and brings it to the light.
My views on politician and politics have change seen reading dystopian novels, once my ideas of a politician was that change with correct morals in hand can change America for the better but now I have learned after reading dystopian novels that I believe some politicians are just people pleasures and only take care of the one that have money and power. Not only have my views of politics change but the education, society, and outlook on things have to. The dystopia novel not only woke me up as an African male but has allow me to prove my theory on America dystopian society.
I think dystopia changed how people look at current events that happens because the people are being woke on situation that should not happened. For examples the book salvage by Alexandra Duncan was tell the audience the main message that nobody should hold you out of being you that you are entitle to your own density. It also allow us to be shown the women rights breaking the patriarchy chains that have clutched America minds. Dystopian novels have lead America until a new America order setting a new standard of fair equality. Dystopian novels like salvage have caused problems for constancy and supported change. Another thing that has changed in society is attention to the government has shifted to what is going on to a fear of a controlling government.