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In today’s world, we take information for granted. Everything can be found at the click of a button and the all-knowing google almost never fails us. And growing up in this society, I’ve always looked at information as something good to have or something essential for my advancement through school or eventually through my professional career. However, reading through all these dystopias has given me a new perspective on information.

Information can be used as a weapon. To gain an advantage over others. However, unlike other weapons, knowledge can be disguised to look like a favor to the ignorant. The tactile handling of sensitive information – whether it is the withholding of facts, or disclosing them at the right time to the right person can all help to work the situation in your favor.

Thus, the topic of my presentation is – Information: The decider of fate in a dystopian world.

We’ll see how different dystopias use information differently to further their purposes.

One of my main arguments is that – Information can be used to manipulate. In my independent reading book – Incarceron, one of the two protagonists – Claudia is a ‘princess’ who’s about to be married off to an idiotic Earl and is not happy about it. Her father, the antagonist, is the Warden of Incarceron and has always told her half-truths. Claudia and her part of the world have been led to believe that Incarceron is a perfect world for prisoners and all those who are trapped inside, in fact, deserve to be that way. Thus none of them ever questions its legitimacy or whereabouts and all of them highly respect the Warden for keeping the ‘bad people’ in check. I also use examples from ‘Little Brother’ and ‘The 100’ to further my argument.

Some of my other arguments include how information is used to create fear, and yet how it can give hope. I explain these using examples from popular YA dystopian literature.

I look forward to presenting on Wednesday, letting you guys know more about these arguments and answering any questions that you might have for me!