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Today is group presentation day!

If you have a Powerpoint, Prezi or other presentation you want me to pull up on the computer, feel free to email it to me or come to the classroom early to set it up.

If you are planning to use your Mahara page to present your materials, use the instructions we discussed in class last Wednesday to submit the “Secret Link” to TSquare (see the PPT on TSquare). If you used a different platform to create your collection, please upload or link to that material, making extra certain I will be able to access it.


  1. Submit 1 copy per team of your propaganda project to TSquare (follow directions to create .zip file and Secret Link for Mahara and submit both; upload video of presentation to TSquare and submit link. Projects must be submitted as one collection).
  2. Complete CATME evaluation of team no later than midnight Monday, April 17
    1. Failure to complete the CATME evaluation will result in a penalty to your collaboration grade on this assignment and could negatively impact your participation grade.
    2. Don’t forget, you will be asked to do a training exercise with fictional students first!
  3. Read assignment sheet for Final Portfolio on TSquare
  4. Bring laptop and final portfolio materials to class on Wednesday