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Today, we started by reflecting on the poster project and poster session from Friday. Be sure to store those reflections in a safe place, as they will come in handy in a few weeks!


Then, we started working through Ship Breaker, discussing chapters 1-10. In teams, you worked through the first ten chapters of the book and answered some major questions related to the world building of the novel.

  1. What are the various new religious/spiritual beliefs in this future world? Which characters are ascribed specifically to a religion?
  2. Where is Bright Sands Beach located? What elements of geography, terrain, topography or climate help you determine this?
  3. What does the hierarchy look like among the crew on the beach? In what order does an individual owe loyalty?
  4. How does the economy (both local and global) function in the future?

Once each team presented the answer to their area of research, we discussed the world building of the novel, compared it to others we have read, and discussed the importance of detail to creating a believable dystopia. We also discussed some of the elements of ecodystopia present in the text and how the CCUL reading for today helped you to see some of these world building elements differently.

Once we completed our discussion for the day, you remained in your teams to complete and sign your team charters and turn them in. Then, you spent the remaining class time working in your teams to brainstorm, plan, or continue work on your propaganda project.



  • Read Ship Breaker part 2 (Chapters 11-17, pg 118-217)
  • Read CCUL 9
  • Work on Propaganda Project with your team
    • Due April 17