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In my presentation, I will be discussing how dystopias impact our views of current events. As I continued to watch and read dystopian novels and films I began to like it more and more. The reason I chose to research this topic is because I am interested in finding out about humanity. I want to also talk about why we are taking interest in dystopian novels more today.

One reason we are more interested in dystopian literature is because we know that people with power are capable of making this as bad as the dystopian novel or film. It makes you think that the fictional story or film have some truth behind it. It makes us question the honesty of the authority. As you are reading dystopian literature, you seem to find something in the story that has occurred, is occurring, or about to occur. So, as we are reading these novels we seem to connect with the characters. Also, dystopian novels are seen as a warning message to a society so that they can avoid the world turning into a dystopia.

I read an article The Daily Beast by Amy Zimmerman and it talks about how “The Real-Life Hunger Games” is coming to the television in Russia in the winter of 2018. These games supposed to been seen as reality television show just like the Hunger Games. The game consists of 30 female and male in 40-degree weather and in the wilderness of Siberian. The prize of the games is 1.65 million dollars. Everything is included such as murder and rape according to the show rules.

When things in humanity occur in fictional novels and films, it makes you wonder is fictional after all. I will give more evidence on why dystopian literature our current views in the today’s world.

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