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There are a lot of elements of a Dystopia that excite me. Honestly, to me, I argue that the most exciting part is just the social disobedience or civilians who turn against the oppression of the government. My independent reading book is called Candor by Pam Bachorz. It’s a story that takes place in Candor, Florida. The protagonist is Oscar Banks and he is the son of the founder of Candor. Oscar is the kid that everyone wants to be like. He makes straight A’s, he gets invited to all sorts of clubs. However, he finds out that his dad send subliminal messages throughout the day that controls people’s actions. Oscar starts a business to counter his dad’s schemes. He tries to get people out of Candor before they get turned. It is effective because no one would ever expect Oscar to be doing it. This is what I find most interesting about dystopias. The fact that someone’s dad could be the founder of a community, yet his son is willing to go against him, because he knows it’s wrong. Additionally, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games is a great example of how people have socially and civilly disobeyed the government, because they knew the truth.

In addition to the elements of dystopia that I find interesting, there are also parts I don’t understand. What I don’t comprehend is how most dystopian stories have a love/romantic appeal between characters. Personally, I believe that this element makes a better story line and it makes the story more interesting. Additionally, it gives characters motives when they know that they are doing something for someone that they are in love with. In my independent reading book, Candor, Oscar meets a girl named Nia that he really likes, but in order to save her, it means getting her out of Candor before she is changed. Doing so would lead to Oscar never seeing her again. As stated before, Katniss and Peeta were lovebirds in The Hunger Games. Both the The Hunger Games and Candor exemplify how love is used to explain the idea of dystopia.