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Propaganda is information given to an audience through a person’s point of view. Yes, propaganda is biased because it is information given to an audience through the point of view of a person and everybody is different; not everyone will ever see eye to eye on every event. The Hunger Games storyline is sometimes misunderstood by readers when it came to propaganda in the Hunger Games; a lot of people think the citizens stood up against the capitol because the 12 districts reminds people of communism because in each district everyone does the same thing and depending on your district, your district was treated different from others. The reason why the districts started to use propaganda was to tell the capitol to stop doing the Hunger Games and unite together. Propaganda is not just speeches or politics, due to new media sources like computers and phones you can use propaganda to reach other people in different ways to grab more of a vast audience. Hunger Games used propaganda from President Snow in the capitol to Katniss in district 13. I think President Snow used propaganda the most and was the most affective person to use it. Think about it; for someone to have control of 12 districts using propaganda, I think that is pretty amazing. President Snow used a lot of live broadcasting, video, and action to keep the people of Panem in total fear to rise against the capitol. The video at the reaping was a form of propaganda. President Snow used the video to explain to the people how the hunger games formed and why it is necessary to have the games every year. Being that action is the most powerful way to get propaganda across and President Snow made sure of that by having peacekeepers committing executions in front of crowds that disrespected the capitol. However, the biggest action propaganda in the movie and book was the actual games; they keep people in order. The live broadcast and the video made it seem like they justified the wrongdoings to calm the people that were outraged about the capitol’s decision to do wrong.