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Media and propaganda are used daily to influence a group of people to believe a certain viewpoint. In today’s day and age, we see different media channels telling the same story in completely different ways. This is why countries that have more of a totalitarian government often have censored media. This way only one message will reach the citizens of that country and conflicts won’t arise because of different viewpoints. Many dystopian societies have a single person who makes the decisions. This person wants to influence the people in a certain way to get them to believe in the same thing. By censoring what the citizens know the leader is able to limit the chances of conflict arising.

In The Hunger Games readers see propaganda and the media used in different ways. In the first and second book only the capitol has access to the media. They send out messages in the form of videos and these videos often remind the districts why they should not rebel against the government. Once the games begin the capitol monitors what districts see which further makes the citizens see only one side of everything. In the third book District 13 starts sending out their own propaganda. This comes in the form of videos that show that they survived the bombing by the capitol. Their videos are also used to persuade citizens to start fighting back against the capitol.

Once the capitol starts seeing these videos they start a propaganda battle with District 13. This is their attempt to retaliate against the possibility of a rebellion starting throughout Panem. The two different sets of propaganda show that if there is more than one opinion conflict may arise. Hindering conflict is why dystopian societies try to limit the media and propaganda that their citizens see.

The following two pictures show the different propaganda that District 13 and the capitol use against each other. One is written as a reminder to the citizens to behave so that they aren’t punished by the Peacekeepers. The colors are friendly and the poster “kindly” reminds citizens that the key to happiness is to make sure that they don’t act out against others. The poster from District 13 is red and black which is bolder and more menacing. The poster uses the Mockingjay as the symbol to come together and fight for freedom. The two posters send across different messages, but they are both influencing the citizens of Panem to believe in a cause.