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While reading Gathering Blue, my attention has been drawn to the people’s acceptance of the existence of beasts. Throughout the story, Kira, the protagonist, is always mentioning how she lives in fear of them. To be fair, based on her understanding of events she should fear the beasts. Her father was killed by some, and when people are sent to the field to die they are eventually taken away by beasts as well. Kira fears Vandara because Vandara is a survivor of fight with a beast in which she only received a scar.  This fact of life, that the beasts are out in the forest trying to eat you, is false. The very foundation of Kira’s persona is based on a lie, and, because of this, I have become more cynical of the things I hear on the news from the media and the government.

Recently, there have been lots of stories that have very definite stances on the global stage. America should let in refugees. Russia is not our enemy, but our friend. Britain should have stayed in the European Union. Assad is using chemical weapons in Syria. These events and opinions are released to the public and both sides of the issue treat their ideas as absolute facts. People like dismissing each other’s arguments on the sole basis of their ideology and not the argument itself. Overall this has caused me to take almost every article I come across with a grain of salt instead of treating it like it is one hundred percent factual. When the government says that sending missiles to Syria was the best choice, I’m not so quick to agree. When the media likes to repeatedly claim that Russia is trying to bring about the end of America, the argument brings me back to Gathering Blue. Maybe Russia is just a beast.