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In my presentation, I will be discussing how dystopias impact our views of current events. As I continued to watch and read dystopian novels and films I began to like it more and more. The reason I chose to research this topic is because I am interested in finding out about humanity. I want to also talk about why we are taking interest in dystopian novels more today.

One reason we are more interested in dystopian literature is because we know that people with power are capable of making this as bad as the dystopian novel or film. It makes you think that the fictional story or film have some truth behind it. It makes us question the honesty of the authority. As you are reading dystopian literature, you seem to find something in the story that has occurred, is occurring, or about to occur. So, as we are reading these novels we seem to connect with the characters. Also, dystopian novels are seen as a warning message to a society so that they can avoid the world turning into a dystopia.

I read an article The Daily Beast by Amy Zimmerman and it talks about how “The Real-Life Hunger Games” is coming to the television in Russia in the winter of 2018. These games supposed to been seen as reality television show just like the Hunger Games. The game consists of 30 female and male in 40-degree weather and in the wilderness of Siberian. The prize of the games is 1.65 million dollars. Everything is included such as murder and rape according to the show rules.

When things in humanity occur in fictional novels and films, it makes you wonder is fictional after all. I will give more evidence on why dystopian literature our current views in the today’s world.

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Dystopian literature has been around for many years now and continues to develop. Dystopian novels are being transformed into million dollar movies such as The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Insurgent, etc. Since I have been in this English 1102 class I have been more interested in dystopian novels and films. There are message about the real world in these novels and movies that make them really interesting to me. When I was younger, I did not what a dystopian novel was. I found it compelling that every dystopian novel has similarities to today’s society. Characteristics are displayed in our own society but in a more extravagant way.

Young adult dystopian novels and movies are often written in a teenager’s perspective. When I am watching or reading something in the dystopian genre, I put myself in the character’s shoes to see if I can picture the country the way it is described in the novel. It helps me understand the movies better. Dystopian literature contains topics such as war, death, oppression and politics. I am starting to like dystopian literature more and more every time I read a book or watch a film. I find dystopian literature interesting because today’s politicians can control a country the way they want like in the novels or movies. I look as dystopia as being some kind of warning message to the audience.

When you read the definition of dystopia, it sounds horrible. It sounds like a topic I would never enjoy reading. Now that I know more about dystopian literature, it actually is one of the top genres on my list. A huge reason why I am starting to like this genre more and more is because of the comparisons of the issues in the books and current issues we have today in the world. I find novels and movies that relate to real life issues to be the best in my opinion. Even though I may not be familiar with every issue that has occurred in the real world, dystopian literature has made me more interested in find out more about issues in the world. The most covered subject in dystopian literature is the government.

The Knife of Never Letting Go, an independent reading I had to complete. This book is about a young boy named Todd who is the only boy in a town of men. Everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts, so there is basically never a time where it is silent. It is a town where there is no privacy. As Todd escapes Prentisstown, he finds a girl who joins him. Todd was told that all women was killed by a virus. The main theme of this story is distrust of authority as Todd discovers the truth of Prentisstown.

Image result for the knife of never letting goImage result for the knife of never letting go

Propaganda was prodigious in The Hunger Games. The capitol of Panem has used propaganda to control the country. The capitol of Panem has made false claims to get citizens on their side. The Hunger Games is a story about 12 districts all located in Panem. Each year two people are chose by the “The Capitol” to represent their district in the Hunger Games by fighting till death. President Snow used live streaming, fashion, interviews, and drama to cover up the brutal reality of what the Hunger Games actually was. The Capitol made sure every household had a television no matter their place of living and also had TVs around just in case you were not home. All of these examples were used to persuade people in the country to believe and watch the Hunger Games as if it was a positive event for Panem. It made the games look as if it were more of a competition to the world.

Katniss became very popular in the Hunger Games. The celebrity and fame of the Hunger Games that was televised to the rest of the country showed a different image of what really occured. That was President Snow’s plan, to not show everyone what the real cause of the Hunger Games. It was shown similar to a reality show in the real world today. An example of propaganda in the Hunger Games was that Katniss and Peeta were acting as lovers. This made the audience more and more interested in the games. It also gave the audience mixed emotions because it was only possible for one them to win. Another example of propaganda in the Hunger Games was how they televised the games. It made it seem as more of a sport than a war. This made the games appear interesting and fun to be a part of while the people of Panem watched.

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Dystopian is a popular genre of literature that emphasis on the negative future written for the young people and adults. In a dystopia life is considered by poverty, violence, human misery, etc. Dystopian literature focus more on what is wrong in the society and the political system. I would describe dystopian literature as if they were trying to send out a warning message to the world. Utopia on the other hand is the opposite of dystopia. Utopia is an imagined place where everything is seen as perfect. On earth utopia is not real because there is nothing on earth perfect. Utopia is only a place we pray or dream about.  Anti-utopia and dystopia is the same. They both are genres that talk about the negative in the society.

The Hunger Games is an example of a popular dystopian literature but also has its utopian moments as well. In The Hunger Games the government has total control over the society. This story take place in a country of limited resources called Panem. Watching The Hunger Games give me a feeling of the Olympics. Even though teams are not trying to kill each other in the Olympics, you can still see a similarity. The teenagers were divided into 12 different districts. The districts were like the social classes today which is the upper class, middle class, and lower or working class. In today’s world, the media talks about celebrities and their everyday lives all the time. The contestants in The Hunger Games receive this treatment when they start to play in the games. Also it reminds me of the this 2016 election.

“As Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her political opponent, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump finally get to the end of their campaigns, the world must take a moment to acknowledge all the ways this election has aped The Hunger Games. Remember all the original “players” (also known as the presidential candidates) who have slowly been cast aside to allow the final contestants to do battle for our viewing pleasure?”

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