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As a black male that lives in America I sometimes feel that my race of people have lived in a dystopia for a while now. Being a minority in a country that oppressed the some people who help build it to world dominate makes you feel bad. As I read dystopia novels like a shipbreaker or a hunger games I have reached the fact the dystopian novels take a topic that America or another country struggle with mostly moral justice and brings it to the light.
My views on politician and politics have change seen reading dystopian novels, once my ideas of a politician was that change with correct morals in hand can change America for the better but now I have learned after reading dystopian novels that I believe some politicians are just people pleasures and only take care of the one that have money and power. Not only have my views of politics change but the education, society, and outlook on things have to. The dystopia novel not only woke me up as an African male but has allow me to prove my theory on America dystopian society.
I think dystopia changed how people look at current events that happens because the people are being woke on situation that should not happened. For examples the book salvage by Alexandra Duncan was tell the audience the main message that nobody should hold you out of being you that you are entitle to your own density. It also allow us to be shown the women rights breaking the patriarchy chains that have clutched America minds. Dystopian novels have lead America until a new America order setting a new standard of fair equality. Dystopian novels like salvage have caused problems for constancy and supported change. Another thing that has changed in society is attention to the government has shifted to what is going on to a fear of a controlling government.

The outline of my presentation is about how patriarchy system effect today current. Patriarchy society fall under a dystopia society because the fact a group of people are oppressed and displease with the government. Patriarchy is more of a way of life not a government, being that it is a way life government is just a reflection of what patriarchy is a male dominated system and women are label as not qualified or able to make the necessary decision for life or what society say only a man should be able to do.
My outline for my presentation start off with questions to ask the class so people can create their own opinion before my presentation to have the ability to convict the audience that something maybe different and open new idea for discussion. Next my outline explain what is patriarchy system which is a male dominate society. My outline explain a patriarchy system by giving a definition and the origin story. After explaining the subject I explain how, why, and where this system comes from and how it could have had derive from the animal kingdom using the loin pride as an example to help the audience understand the oral communion. In the outline I also explain why patriarchy be misunderstood as well, many people view this system as one sided but even some women say that the pressure for male are not as easy as one think it is.
The finally part of the my outline goes into my thesis how does patriarchy effect today society by giving reason why patriarchy is a factor with not only women not being treated fairly in the work place to the responsible of men role in society can be over bearing. Then the presentation with my thesis to give people what I think my research has told me.

What interested me most about dystopia are just a few things. One is when a good author can take real situation that can cause dystopia’s to happen. If I was to use the book little brother as an example where the government ruled over technology and the public was upset. Look at an event that didn’t happen to long ago when a china closed all social media and only Hong Kong was about to report the news because of its ties to the British, doesn’t this sound like little brother. The next thing I like about dystopia is the hero or heroic of a story, that fact someone will rise out of the ashes to restore faith and light into the world and crumble the dystopia land kind of like a good underdog story. The last thing that interest me about a dystopia novel is that our hero is really a ‘’bad person’’ in little brother Marcus was the protagonist in the story, continue to break federal laws and was wanted by the government. These thing about a dystopia often interests me into reading or watching the movies.
What often upset me because I can’t figure out is why do in dystopias ever happen in the first place. I know a world is a very unpleasant place set with limit that come at a cost but dystopia no one loves nothing about it. I love America even though I have seen a system that continue to not work for my people years and years of not helping us but I still love this country but Katniss hates district 12 and the capitol. I’m not able to answer why they happens, the main charater in my book is a person who begin the story as someone who can’t read nor write and lives in a patriarchy society where women are the depress ones.

Propaganda is information given to an audience through a person’s point of view. Yes, propaganda is biased because it is information given to an audience through the point of view of a person and everybody is different; not everyone will ever see eye to eye on every event. The Hunger Games storyline is sometimes misunderstood by readers when it came to propaganda in the Hunger Games; a lot of people think the citizens stood up against the capitol because the 12 districts reminds people of communism because in each district everyone does the same thing and depending on your district, your district was treated different from others. The reason why the districts started to use propaganda was to tell the capitol to stop doing the Hunger Games and unite together. Propaganda is not just speeches or politics, due to new media sources like computers and phones you can use propaganda to reach other people in different ways to grab more of a vast audience. Hunger Games used propaganda from President Snow in the capitol to Katniss in district 13. I think President Snow used propaganda the most and was the most affective person to use it. Think about it; for someone to have control of 12 districts using propaganda, I think that is pretty amazing. President Snow used a lot of live broadcasting, video, and action to keep the people of Panem in total fear to rise against the capitol. The video at the reaping was a form of propaganda. President Snow used the video to explain to the people how the hunger games formed and why it is necessary to have the games every year. Being that action is the most powerful way to get propaganda across and President Snow made sure of that by having peacekeepers committing executions in front of crowds that disrespected the capitol. However, the biggest action propaganda in the movie and book was the actual games; they keep people in order. The live broadcast and the video made it seem like they justified the wrongdoings to calm the people that were outraged about the capitol’s decision to do wrong.

Before I explain what a dystopia is I must first explain what a utopia is because dystopia emerges from utopia. Utopia comes from the two Greek words “uo” and “topos” together meaning not place, talking about not the place that we are in now on earth, but instead an imaginary other ( Utopia is an imaginary place where all is right. There is no crime or suffering, and it is kind of like heaven on earth or the Garden of Eden. Being that utopia is almost impossible and the only way to even have a utopia is to have complete control over civilians and to install fear into them that is where utopia turns into a dystopia. Dystopia is “an imaginary place where people are unhappy and usually afraid because they are not treated fairly” ( Unlike utopia where people govern themselves, dystopia is a place where there is a demanding government who is usually totalitarian.
If we added another genre to a dystopian world, like apocalypse which refers to ending times, the definition would change. Instead of a government suppressing people or group of classified people a single person would have full command of the world and have legions to call on. For example, the movie the book of Eli which was a movie was about the future thirty years after a war turned the world into a wasteland, a lone warrior named Eli, marches across the ruined landscape, carrying hope for humanity’s redemption. Only one other man understands the power of what Eli carries, and he is determined to take it for himself. Though Eli prefers peace, he will risk death to protect his precious cargo, for he must fulfill his destiny to help restore mankind. In the movie the other guy was the ruler over the land calling on his army of thugs to get the book Eli was carrying.
Combining a dystopia book with a Young Adult literature will change the genre because young adult are in a different stage in there live then a grown adult. A young adult will probably not have finish the book if it was talking about something grown adult have to worry about. For example look at the hunger games children were selected in the reaping through the ages of 12-18 year old. This book would have directly affect us if the situation was happening today, so the book will be more interesting.