Composition Project #3

Project Overview

Hypothetical situation: At the Gallery Walk, a potential investor/Big Name (TM) in your field voiced their interest in your research. They want to know more about the topic, but they only have so much time between their commitments. They’ve requested that you send them a write up of your research to apprise them of the information. They also requested a small handout as well, which they said would help them distill the finer points of your research.

This project will have two parts: (1) a research paper and (2) a one-page handout. The research paper will articulate the research you conducted for the poster project through strictly the written mode. The one-page handout will further distill the information of your poster into an easily digestible, succinct genre.


  • Demonstrate genre awareness by adhering to the conventions of the research article form, while also considering audience access, formatting, and proper citation
  • Develop a clear thesis or controlling statement for both documents and maintain the document’s focus throughout
  • Perform additional research, if necessary, to build your ethos


This project has two major components — (1) Research Paper and (2) One-Page Handout.

Research Paper (100 points)

  • The research paper should communicate the same information as your poster. With this particular genre, you are limited only to the written word. You will need to communicate your information in an accessible way (providing explanations of potentially unfamiliar history, context, field-specific knowledge) while also communicating the importance of your research and how it contributes to your discipline or community.
  • The research paper will follow very specific guidelines in formatting. (This is as if the research paper were being submitted to a journal.)
  • Take care with the introduction of your paper. This is your time to really grab the reader’s interest.
  • You may use “I” in this particular paper. You can acknowledge yourself as the researcher.
  • Your thesis needs to be an arguable statement, in the same way that you built your podcasts at the beginning of the semester.
  • The research paper should be five pages in length. To the bottom of the fifth page. No more, no less.
  • Here are the guidelines for formatting: Style Guide.
    • Regarding headings: there should be one line above and one line below. Removing 1.5 spacing from the heading text should help to achieve this.

One-Page Handout (100 points)

  •  Bringing together all of your expertise in visual rhetoric, you should make this handout visually interesting and informative.
    • Follow the same principles as your poster, but with much less space. (This requires more finesse.)
  • Remember to keep your font accessible.
  • One page. Seriously, one 8×11 page, in any orientation.
  • Typically, you would provide contact information in a handout such as this. I suggest you merely use a placeholder for that content.

Points Breakdown

This project is worth 200 points, or 20% of your final grade. These points are broken up into two parts, as noted above in the project description. If this is unclear, direct questions to the course instructor.

Dr. Murdock will be happy to look at drafts until Thursday, April 12 at 5pm. 

Important Dates

April 13 — Composition Project #3 due by midnight through Canvas.