An Aura of Mystery? or An Aura of No Perceivability?


The first webpage of Black Negative intrigues and captivates the user to explore the page further, but the lack of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) make this webpage hard to access and navigate.


This specific webpage from the Black Negative Website was quite humorous and visually appealing, but the lack of captions translating the speech downgraded the full enjoyment of the episodes.



Black Negative is an intriguing website that captivates the user when you first pull it up, it includes background music that creates an aura of mystery intertwined with a state of calmness and its website design has a fascinating way of making you feel the environment that is portrayed on the screen. But despite its invigorating music and wonderful web design, the perceivability of the website is not accessible to those who cannot see well or depict small print. In the entire, website, the font size was so small and rather than the user being able to enjoy the page, you find yourself struggling to identify which button to click to reach another destination.

One prime example of this was shown was the menu tab located on the first page. For starters, this menu button is located on the bottom of the page. Personally, this was not easy for me to access because most menu buttons are placed where the user can easily identify it (which is in the middle of the screen), but this was placed at the bottom of the page where most users, like myself, neglect to see. Also, just as I stated before, the font size of this tab was tiny which is the same for the font size for entire webpage.

While these two problems were identified in this webpage another impediment to the accessibility of this page also came from the different videos that the user could potentially click on. One video I chose was from the webpage that had the fantastic adventures of George the sock. The little 2-minute animated episode was very humorous, but there were no captions. The speech used was purely French and while this will be easy for those who speak French to understand, it is hard for others who access this website to understand and comprehend what is going on.

With all of this in mind, I feel that to ensure the perceivability of this webpage that every speech or video should be accompanied with some sort of caption that explains the media and that certain buttons for the webpage be positioned in a more obvious place with an increase in font size. Therefore, it will allow those who are slightly visually impaired to view and recognize tabs that could help them navigate their way through the website.

Music recorded from Black Negative website

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Blacknegative)

The Good

Blacknegative is original; like no website I have seen before. The setup of blacknegative allows the user to view the individual pages full screen with extraordinary resolution. The information is presented in a way that is very aesthetically pleasing and a video of the woods automatically plays creating a pleasant atmosphere for the website.

Aesthetic Image from Blacknegative

Aesthetic Image from Blacknegative

The Bad

It seems that this website focused seamlessly on aesthetics and not enough on usability. According to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) a website should “Make all functionality available from the keyboard”. When you first open the website all that is presented is the title and a small font and an icon saying to drag to view projects. After a second I figured it out but I didn’t like how awkward it felt dragging the screen. I tried to use my arrow keys as an alternative but was surprised to find that it didn’t work. As you move your mouse things immediately start to pop up which is very disorienting. There is also no text transcript for the audio and video. This is a setback for accessibility because people who may not be able to hear or someone whose computer does not have speakers have no way of accessing the material or receiving the information.

Opening Screen

Opening Screen

The Ugly

The website has several instances in which the background is not separable from the words trying to be expressed, which is against WCAG guidelines. It is an obvious flaw causing things to be made unclear. The user interface is just uncomfortable. The program is sharp and extremely unique. The negatives outweigh the sheer aesthetics though. The website should be accessible for the blind with audio ques and it should be accessible for the deaf with captions and video transcript. The biggest problem with the website was how it was not universally accessible for all users. Instead of being an innovation for easier navigation and accessibility it became too complex and difficult for users, thus overshadowing how visually appealing the website was.

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