There are six areas of assessment in this class, totaling 1,000 points:

  • 100 pts: Participation
  • 200 pts: Three Blog Posts (three, of increasing value: 50 + 65 + 85 = 200)
  • 150 pts: Case-Study Presentation and Abstract
  • 150 pts: User Research and Analysis
  • 200 pts: Speech Interface Concept Podcast
  • 200 pts: Final Portfolio

BLOG FORUMS (20% / 200 points)
In the first half of the semester, you will write three (3) blog posts in response to specific prompts related to the readings and concepts discussed in class. Each post should develop a central claim with specific, persuasive evidence. Each of the first two posts will be 300 words. The third post should be a 60- to 90-second audio post. The posts increase in value: the first is worth 50 points, the second 65, the third 85. (Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, Nonverbal)

 (15% / 150 points)
In groups of four, you will select an interface or interactive situation to redesign. You will analyze and evaluate the existing interface or situation for what is and is not effective. You will then develop a claim about its potential as a speech-directed interaction, identifying what aspects of the situation will be addressed by a speech interface and projecting what problems will arise in designing a speech interface for this particular interaction. You will present your initial claim to the class orally with a supporting slide show or Prezi of 12 slides over 6 minutes. You will collectively write a 300-word abstract that presents the claim, points to the evidence, and identifies the significance of the claim for the field of voice-interaction design. (Oral, Visual, Electronic, Nonverbal

In your project groups, you will collect user data on potential users of your interface drawn from the students taking this course. Each group member will organize the data and present it in the form of a written analysis of 1,000 words. The analysis should describe the group’s chosen research method and purpose, present and discuss the results of the study, visualize the user data, and reassess the persona of the target user. (Written, Visual)

 (20% / 200 points)
Project groups will create a four-minute TEDTalk-style podcast that proposes their final concept for a speech- and sound-directed interface. The podcast should make the case for the need and efficacy of the interface, characterize the users and their need for the interface, and include a scripted demonstration of the interface in action. (Oral, Visual, Electronic, Nonverbal)

Final Portfolio: 3403 Instructions / 1101 INSTRUCTIONS (20% / 200 points)

At the end of the term, you will assemble artifacts from the work you have done for the course into a portfolio of your performance. The portfolio will be introduced by a substantial essay that reflects on your strengths and weaknesses, successes and mistakes. All of the WOVEN modes should be represented in your portfolio. Note the different deadlines for different sections: 

3403/1101-A1: Fri. Dec. 9 by 10:50am

1101-J2: Mon. Dec. 12 by 2:20pm

1101-HP1: Wed. Dec. 14 by 10:50am

Participation (10% / 100 points)

Due every class period.
Don’t you dare fall asleep on us. Your success and the success of this class depends on your active participation in the community we develop. You need to listen generously and respectfully to others’ ideas, and you need to share your own, generously and respectfully. 1101 students: 10 points of your participation grade is earned by participating in the first-week video assignment and peer evaluation.