Appealing, but Accessible?


“Blacknegative is a ‘design’ website, which according to its splash screen is for “telling fascinating stories.”  The website uses a very unconventional navigation system which is not clear upon first glance, using icons unfamiliar to most users in order to tell the user how to progress through the site.  As the user flips through the site, airy musical tones begin playing in the background, which can enhance the experience and elicit certain feelings but can also be quite annoying as the mute button takes 3 or 4 clicks to access if the menu decides to work.  The typefaces used are generally very slim, and when placed on moving backgrounds can make for a difficult reading experience.  The UI is also very small, making menu navigation difficult because the largest elements of the menu aren’t even interactive.  For visually impaired users, the website would likely prove to be near impossible to navigate, and without any subtitles or other accessibility options for deaf users, the site would lose some of its emotional impact.  While Blacknegative might be an aesthetically pleasing audiovisual experience to some, it would seem to be more ideal as a portfolio for certain clients rather than a main website.”



Example of poor legibility of text


Menu screen vs. actual interactive parts of menu (outlined in red)

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