Repost: What’s Going On?

“Today, I will be reviewing After looking through this several times, I have concluded that this is probably just a design website. There is no real content. It’s just to explore designs for people to build websites to make them be successful on the internet. This website does not meet any criteria for principle of perceivability. It took me a while, and even now I’m just guessing it’s a design website. I mean, all people have the challenge of just finding out what this website is about. Because here, we have the ‘Fantastic Adventures of George Sock’, while we have financial investments here. So, there’s really no consistency on this website. My recommendation for this website would be add a purpose of what this website is; that way, when people go through it, they’ll know what they’re looking at. And have these [designs] as examples, not just actual pages. And even the menu is an example. I turned the sound off because it was annoying, but if we unmute this, there is some serene music in the background. I would try to say use sound more effectively here. Don’t have this background music, but instead, when you have paragraphs [ex. the purpose of website], just have a voice thing for people who cannot see. I would say that a good thing is how the cursor changes, so that I know I need to slide here, I know I need to click on something, I know I need to exit out of something, so that helps. But other than that, it needs a lot of work.”


  • Kaitlin Kitchens

    I also did the Black Negative website for my blog post. I’m glad you identified the website as having “no real content” because I too was confused about the purpose of this webpage. Additionally, I found the background music to be very annoying and I also muted it as well. Your blog post separates itself from others because you refrain from simply identifying the guidelines but instead talk about the website as a whole. I like how you make recognition to the fact that the website is very inconsistent and leaves the viewer with many unanswered questions. I personally did not understand the meaning of the webpage, and am glad I was not the only person who thought so. While I agree that the background music was annoying, it does give a little bit of context to the visually impaired at the same time. However, the music should change from page to page, instead of repeating the same song over and over again.

    • Nupur Mathur

      I, too, was rather confused regarding the purpose of the website. While it has its aesthetic value it felt to me like a series of tasteful advertisements without any considerable value. I found this to be frustrating due to how it draws the user in with the engaging graphics. I also feel that the background music should be structured better, presenting a new sound for each new page rather than a continuous track. It doesn’t create any sort of experience for those who are visually impaired, either.

  • Isabella Many

    I had not originally looked into this page however, after seeing your post I was curious and did some examining of my own. I also became confused in regards to the content of the site. When just looking at the website it is sleek and professional. It has the vibe of a photography website in my opinion but I can’t for the life of me figure out what this website is actually trying to do. The page itself is just a slide of a bunch of different advertisements yet none of them really relate to one another. Even after stepping back to contemplate the site I really can’t figure out the purpose one would have when creating it.

  • Kelsie Anderson

    I appreciate your visual guide through the website. It is very well put together. I agree that is a confusing website. It took me several times as well before I understood what the website was actually for. I think if maybe there were a mission statement, or some sort of brief description to imply what the website was, it would make it 10X better. User accessibility and comprehension are huge when providing a purpose for any interface. After realizing the possible purpose of being it can create other websites, it makes a little bit more sense. If there were an introductory page, with a more practical way to access the portfolio, the website would be easier to understand. I found the background music to be a bit distracting as well.

  • Andrew Zhang

    I m going to have to disagree about the ambiguity of meaning behind the website. Although I too at first was a little murky on the website, I feel like the ambiguous feeling was more due to the unconventional structure of the website. On the first page of blacknegative stating “telling fascinating stories”, it states that they are a group of artists, and this is essentially a sample of their work. The website is essentially showing the portfolio. Another thing to keep in mind is that we, a bunch of college students criticizing websites for their design, are probably not the target audience of the site. I feel that in order to find this somewhat obscure website, you would probably have to be intentionally seeking out websites of this kind, maybe through Google. This means that target audience members probably come into the website with an idea of what the website will already be about.

  • Graeme Sharpe

    I also choose to analyse this website and i must disagree with your claim. I fail to see how you address the perceivability for any audience. You have concluded that the website serves no real purpose and is difficult to navigate but the website shows uses how to navigate the website. Also it become clear that the purpose of the website is to offer a aesthetically pleasing way to view advertisement information. The part of your blog post that i must disagree with most is the lack of value you have conclude the sound of the website. The sound i would say is the most crucial part of the website and the keystone to the purpose of the website. Which is to offer a pleasing and relaxing environment to explore companies products.

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