Accessibility and OIE webpage


The OIE website is created for students who want to study abroad and international students who want to study in Georgia Tech, and it provides with all information and instruction for students. I have to say I felt familiar when I saw this part interface of OIE website, the several different languages successfully suggest this is a website for international education information. For the information likes Mission Statement, the website provides with specific texts which are very clear. And it also provides with some pictures and videos for us. As it is, this website is quite perceivable for me. However, as a website for international education, it doesn’t have different versions with different languages. Meanwhile, for most videos like GT virtual Tour, they were not captioned. So, for people who see English as second language (“Deaf people”) and people who can not listen (“deaf people”), they may easily encounter challenges while looking for information on this website. As for the videos on OIE website, the interviewees in the video are from all around the world. When they speak English, the speech naturally has an accent, and sometimes it becomes difficult to communicate with audience without caption. And it’s difficult for people who can’t hear to know some information contained in the videos.

Above all, there are several things can be done to improve the perceivability of OIE website. Firstly, I suggest more visions with different languages can be created, it can helps people whose English ability is not good like Deaf people. Then for videos, we can spend more time to add captions into the videos. It surely costs time, but it does help the website to send more specific information to students. At last, more audios like videos of study abroad programs are suggested in the website, and website will be more interesting.

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