CULC Starbucks is not your ordinary Starbucks

For my blog forum 1 assignment, I chose Starbucks at Clough as my location. I visited Starbucks at on a Tuesday morning where it has moderate amount of people and it was not too busy.I sat down for an hour and a half starting at 7.30 AM. I was trying to engage everything that is around me both internally and externally. I am trying to feel the atmosphere, conversation and tempo of Starbucks to help me with listening to the sounds that I hear. To start off, I began listing down the sounds I am hearing .

People and their interactions with other people:

–          The murmurings of many students talking and the starbucks employees.

  • The intonation of the sound had a low pitch and medium volume.
  • Continuous sound of murmur could be heard and blending of voices which was constantly heard as background noise. On several occasions, I heard a lot of laughters and short phrases like “what classes are you taking” or “wow, that’s sounds like fun” or “nice!”
  • The sound was clearly not artificial as human beings were talking and commenting
  • The shoutings of the starbucks calling names of the customer that their drink product is ready

–          The crisp crinkling of paper bags for pastries and/or sandwiches handed to students

  • The intonation of the sound of both types of bags crinkling had a low volume and low pitch.
  • Was a very quick and crispy sound.

–          Making of coffee with the milk foam making sound from the espresso machine

  • High pitch and high volume
  • Repetitive sound which was heard many times, technological
  • The sound was not very welcoming as it was loud and quick; almost like a disaster happened

–          Music

  • The music was at a medium volume and part of the background noise.
  • continuous music was played all throughout the morning
  • very soothing type of music as most of the songs were transformed into acoustic

–         Cutlerys and jugs

  • Clinking sound of metal cutlery and jugs clashing with each other
  • Loved the sound of mixing from the spoon or stirrer against the jugs or mixer cups
  • intonation was low pitch and low volume.
  • Repetitive, each time I heard it the sound was very quick.

–       Sound from blender

  • Technological and hearing them at occasions
  • Not a welcoming sound as it was roaring and very loud.
  • Felt quite disturbing to the ears.

–          Chair moving against ground

  • High volume and low pitch.
  • The chairs being scraped against the polished floor was heard frequently
  • The volume of the chairs moving was loud and unpleasant.
  • Quick sound

–           Laptop

  •        Clicking sound of students typing on their laptops.
  •        Very soft and delicate sounding

I would say that not all Starbucks settings are the same across the states. The starbucks I chose was at Clough building where almost all the people who visited were students unlike other at starbucks locations, mostly businessmen and women in suits are found sitting down so I would expect to hear the sound of heels knocking down on the floor and more distinct sentences from the conversations of businessmen and women. Right when I first entered Starbucks, I heard the echoes murmurings of sound of students talking and ordering their food and drinks. I would say that the voices were low pitch and continuous as it could be heard as though if it was part of the background music. The blending of voices was constantly heard but it was very natural as the sounds were very humble and not robotic.

I would say the sound of making coffee or Frappuccino is very common for us as it occurs in all coffee places, not just at Starbucks. The steam making sound of the coffee machine was welcoming as it felt luxurious to me; I knew that coffee and lattes is being made at that very moment.  This sound occurred repetitively and quickly as it made that whoosh sound for only a short span of time.

While my time being at the Clough Starbucks location, I’ve learned to pick up many sounds that I was not aware of. The sounds we hear at a Starbucks maybe very common but I was never aware of what I noticed. As if you go to any coffee establishment, we use our technology to shut down everything that is around us so we don’t notice the sounds around us. What I have found from my experience of listening is that majority of the sounds I heard in Starbucks are both technological and natural.

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