Soundscape & Fidelity vs Intelligibility

While roaming the campus I seem to hear a lot of soundscape throughout the environment. As a football for the institute i realized the noise that was involved in the game at Dublin, Ireland. The pressure of the volume in the air showed a sign and also a mood for intensity and excitement. The horn starting the game also gave people reaction that showed readiness and awareness. The soundscape of the football game would defiantly be appropriate for what it is. It wouldn’t be cut out nor would it fit the purpose of the game. You wouldn’t want to come to a football game where it is quiet. That doesn’t fit the scenery for whats about to happen. Another thing that people can see is how the different noises and chants relate to the game and how they compliment themselves. Without the chants and the screaming from fans how do you know the reaction and the emotions about the game and whats going on. How will you notice the difference from actually understanding the soundscape from the game and being out in the open world.

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  • Jake Burgholzer

    One thing that we have both noticed is that the soundscape not only defines an event or an area, but defines an atmosphere. The atmosphere people like to be in at a football game is energetic and exciting. This atmosphere is created by the noises, the chants, the claps, and the screaming. Similarly, walking around campus, every area has their signature noises. The CULC lobby gives a nice echo of collaboration which draws so many people to study there. The atmosphere is what draws us and if it is not what we expected, we leave. Noticing this frees you and allows you to know where you belong.

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