Standing Peachtree and Indigenous New Media

Final Portfolio

In lieu of a final exam, ENGL 1101 and 1102 require you complete a final multimodal portfolio due during your section’s scheduled final exam time (see for the final exam schedule). The portfolio will include examples of your WOVEN work products, a substantial reflective essay, and brief introductions to each artifact. Your portfolio is 20% of the course grade, as indicated in the course syllabus; you must submit a portfolio in order to pass the course.

The general portfolio assignment sheet can be found here: ENGL-1101-1102-Portfolio-Instructions-Spring-2019-General-Final-UPDATED. You will develop your portfolio throughout the semester and work on finalizing it during the final two class of the semester.

Here are instructions to create your portfolio in Canvas: ENGL-1101-1102-Portfolio-Canvas-Instructions-Spring-2019-Final

Your final portfolio is due at the end of your scheduled exam time. No late portfolios will be accepted.