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First let me say i have come a long way to understanding the movement of poetry into the digital culture. I stood in the lights of many and was a firm believer that  poetry should always have some type of rhyme and  rhythm. Now that poetry has really evolved in the digital culture it has really mutated into somethings special and crafty. I say farewell  “Romeo, Romeo where art thou Romeo,” there is fun things like  interaction, database, hypermedia, and even more plagiarism.

Now that poetry has left the constraints of black ink and white paper it has become more flamboyant in the digital culture. In our reading with Miller, he discuss the “Key Element of Digital Culture” which are digital, network, interactive, and hypermedia. With poetry taking on these aspects the content is now allowed to open up windows and move in a direction to explore. Being able to experience digital culture in “The Dreamlife of Letter” shows just how interactive and poetry can be. No more boring pages to flip through, now it has evolved to sounds, pictures, hyperlinks, and a voyage to representation of content. Poetry now has a database that can be retrieved and put together in a matter of seconds. This data is constantly changing  while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of literature and critical thinking.

I am also interested in the discovery and honesty over the matter of  plagiarism and stating that memory is selective. Reading the Reality Hunger, one of David Shields lines is “Good poets borrow; great poets steal”. This line particularly stood out to me because with the digital culture being so accesible people are constantly grabbing bites and pieces of materials and making it their own. Even with the book “Nets” it is all Shakespeare work that is cliff noted to make a whole new form of poetry. I would say this is typically the American way with remixing other authors materials and giving it a new name.

In the future I think poetry will discover something new and find some more uncharted techniques to explore. With the internet database flowing over our computers I believe poetry will thrive and never fade away. Poetry is like a cockroach, it will never die only left to mutate and find more ways to survival.


gary guyton

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  1. Poetry is like a cockroach: Ever-adapting, blindly hated by a large portion of the population, and a lot more interesting to those studying it.

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