Attendance and Participation – 10%

You will not be able to pass the unit exams without regular attendance and participation. Indeed, they are vital to your success in this class. Although we are a large group, we expect that you will all come prepared to engage with the material, and to share your thoughts when possible with the instructors and/or in smaller breakout groups.

4 Unit Exams – 60% [15% each]

There will be four unit exams to held throughout the semester. Please make a note of these important exam dates:

  • UNIT EXAM ONE: September 15
  • UNIT EXAM TWO: October 1
  • UNIT EXAM THREE: October 22
  • UNIT EXAM FOUR: November 10

These exams are designed to assess how well you have kept up with the course readings and discussions throughout the semester. They will include all texts, materials, films, and in-class discussions covered in that particular unit. The exams will consist of multiple choice, passage identification, short answer, and essays.

Final Paper – 30%

7-9 page paper due Tuesday, December 8 by 2pm in Skiles 335b (Dr. Farooq’s office).

No late papers will be accepted.

This paper should engage a critical lens in further examining at least one of the texts and one of the keywords covered in class.  You may use 1-2 secondary sources in addition to the primary text on which you are writing, though this is not a requirement. In all cases, your paper should make an original, refutable claim.



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