I happened across this interesting article on an actual food blog, of all places! I found it ironic that the post itself was presented in a food blogging type format, with an enticing cover picture followed by a bit of an introduction to the article by the author, then the actual Top 20 tips for food blogging. I couldn’t help but notice that most of the “tips” seemed to fall into one of two categories: either “Common Sense/Personal Touches” or “Business Sense”. The Common Sense tips all felt kind of obvious and self-explanatory to me. Do I really need this Food Blogger telling me not to be fake, make friends, and “do what my mama told me”? However, the more I thought about it, I realized that the average food blog post includes steps that might seem basic to some, such as instructing the reader how to tell if a pot of water is boiling, or instructions on determining the ripeness of fruits and vegetables. So ultimately, I can’t blame the author for covering all her bases and including advice of a more personal than a technical nature, because it is just a part of her job. I thought several of the Business Sense tips were pretty informative/interesting. Search engine optimization, and acquiring a domain name are true insider tips that many rookie and even a few veteran food bloggers would potentially benefit from knowing about. As the author states in her introduction, “Food blogging is hard work” and until I read through and contemplated this article, I hadn’t considered just how technically challenging it truly could be.

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