30 Things You Need To Cook In November

This is a Buzzfeed article on what to cook for the month of November. I find this a very interesting article, because it discusses what food items are in season in November. In today’s day and age, there is no such thing as a in-season dish. With modern technology and chemicals, we are able to eat all the different types of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. You can get mangoes in December and apples in June. Mankind has able to transcend the barriers placed by Nature. However, in transcending these barriers, mankind has forgotten the true taste of these fruits and vegetables. We, as a society, have no recollection of what it is to taste, say, a strawberry during its natural season. In our compulsive need for having what we want, when we want, we have completely neglected the taste of the food items. Before food technology came into being, people were restricted to foods that would grow according to season. They were privileged enough to really taste the fruits and vegetables that grew during that time. There was more appreciation for the dish as people knew that they would not be able to make all year long. Food and eating held a more importance in people’s lives. Nowadays, eating has become more of an activity than an art. Coming from a culture where every desire is needed to be met quickly, we have lost appreciation for the simple things in life.

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  1. While you raise decent points, there are still seasonal foods associated with each time of year. Just look at the way restaurants, even the large chains, change their menus (looking at you Starbucks). While we may not eat things entirely based on their agricultural season anymore, we still associate certain foods with certain holidays and times of the year. Just try getting an unfrozen turkey during the summer–you might have a hard time.
    Therefore, I think we work more on a retail season than an agricultural season.

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