• Finalize each group’s recipe selection
  • Confirm individual project roles

– original recipe vs. updated version. same page or different?

– two kinds of images: manuscript pages and documentation of cooking. same location or different?

– documentation of cooking exercise: on recipe page or as blog post?

– research/context for recipe. on recipe page or elsewhere?

For reference, the task list generated in class on Tuesday…

Outstanding Tasks

Build out pages:

  • glossary,
  • recipe template,
  • landing page,
  • cookbook page,
  • about page,
  • create new recipe,
  • historical context (for 3 cookbooks)
Incorporating cooking exercise
Recipe research
Glossary research

Outstanding Issues

  • Structure of cookbook-level info and recipe-level info
  • Theme: combine 2 or tweak 1
  • Cooking experience



  • Website structure (developers)
  • Research prep (researchers)
  • Styling (developers)
  • Content transfer (class)

Unassigned Tasks 

  • UX/Testing
  • Glossary items
  • “About this Project” page
  • Book images
  • Cooking experience documentation
  • Copyediting (grammar, style, formatting, etc.)