In the past and even now Thanksgiving is a religious holiday to represent gratitude to God and just the expression of great thanks but recently I have noticed that the holiday is reducing to just another holiday. In the past few years, I recently noticed that the Thanksgiving holiday is being reduced and losing its true meaning to the point where most people do not feel the need of having Thanksgiving as a holiday anymore. After Halloween has passed, the stores then start stocking up on Christmas stock with decorations as well during the beginning of the November month which then starts having the new generation see Thanksgiving as a turning point for Christmas and not a time to give thanks and gratitude to what we have. This article from Talon Marks mentions that Christmas is overshadowing Thanksgiving mostly due to visual appeal for Christmas is much more appealing than Thanksgiving which deals with more people getting together and sharing the emotion of gratitude. This is all an opinion base but it is true during the recent years I have noticed from talking with friends and family that Thanksgiving does not seem like a holiday anymore with sales and Christmas decorations being put up, even I forget that Thanksgiving is coming up before Christmas since there isn’t much but Black Friday that is being advertised. By reading the Excerpt from Northwood it surprised me that in the excerpt Thanksgiving was not a national holiday by then since we have seen many pictures with the Native Americans. In the present should we start disregarding Thanksgiving as a holiday now or start showing the importance and history for the holiday for Thanksgiving?


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