MOFAD is a museum dedicated to food and drink that is opening up in New York City sometime in the future.  Unlike most museums where you can only see and touch exhibits, MOFAD will allow for both tasting and smelling of the exhibits.  The goal of the museum is to educate people on their food choices.  They state that they will look at five aspects of food: history, culture, science, production, and commerce.

The first exhibit MOFAD has done is traveling exhibit, “Boom”.  They had on display a puffing gun (machine that makes cereal).  They would fire up the puffing gun and have it make puffs for the exhibit goers to eat.

As stated before, this museum is still in the process of being created, but there are ways people can help out.  On their site there are ways to donate money (also through kickstarter) and also ways to volunteer, so anyone interested in the project can contribute.

Overall this museum seems like a drastic departure from typical museums as one of their primary goals is to allow interactivity among the exhibits and participants.  Food exhibits are one of the best ways to do this as you can watch the food be made and then enjoy it immediately afterwards.  The museum looks very promising and should be able to complete its goal of educating the public on food and their food choices specifically.


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