With the Thanksgiving holiday creeping up on us I began thinking about what exactly the first Thanksgiving feast was really like and what items may have been served at meal. After a little bit of scanning the internet, I was able to come across this epicurious article detailing the differences in the first Thanksgiving back in 1621 and now. It was pretty interesting reading through the limited list of items that may have appeared at the table for the first Thanksgiving, which included plum, melon, grapes, other fruits, vegetables, beans, deer, fish, and shellfish.  A few of the items that we may typically find on a Thanksgiving menu that weren’t a part of the first meal include: Potatoes, sweet corn, bread based stuffing, and oddly enough turkey.  This brings up the question of how did the turkey became the recognized image/centerpiece associated with the holiday? Another interesting point mentioned in this article is that Thanksgiving was originally a multi-day event, lasting up to three days. The reasons for such could be due to the cook time of the meal and the difficulties associated with everything having to be done over an open fire.


Resource: http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/holidays/thanksgiving/first

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