After initially seeing this article, of course the first thing I did was scroll down to see Georgia’s Thanksgiving dish. I have to say that I was quite impressed, not just because pecan pie is one of my favorites, but I really do think it represents our state well. Pecan pie was a given dessert in my household growing up, and definitely is a representation of my childhood that I will carry in memory. Some other dishes that looked fantastic were Maine’s Lobster Mac and Cheese, Missouri’s Butter Cake, and Kansas’s Sweet Potatoes. It honestly would be hard to choose a bad dish from this article, because they all looked delicious. But as I was looking through the dishes and thinking back on my own Thanksgiving memories, I realized that there are fifty other dishes with this article, all uniquely representing a story similar to mine. Each of these recipes has affected millions of lives through times shared preparing the dish, eating it, and of course the company that you choose to share it with. Has any of the dishes in this article strongly recollected a fond Thanksgiving memory for anyone else? If so, I would love to hear about it. The diversity of American food culture is a fascinating idea. Sharing a meal, no matter what it actually is, can build some of the strongest friendships we ever make.

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