As more of a response to the blog post about taste being influenced by our culture and location, I want to share about “Bizarre Foods“, a Travel Channel show. Andrew Zimmern travels to different countries and tries different foods that Americans would normally be adverse to trying. The show is structured in a way that tells the history of food or food dishes, how it is prepared, and how the dish tastes as described by Andrew Zimmern.

What is clearly outlined in every episode is why the people living in that country eat that dish. Sometimes it is because they like the way that dish tastes. Other times it has to do with their social class and what they can afford to eat. Often it really just has to do with what is indigenous to the location. In any case, this episode supports the last statement in the reffered to blogpost: “…taste is not a purely aesthetic taste, but instead one that is influenced greatly by culture, experience, and education in the matter of what makes ‘good taste’.”

Bizarre Foods: Singapore – For some reason I could not embed the video 🙁

In the video, Zimmern is in Singapore where culture and tradition are important. Many dishes are good for the health and there is event a segment about a restaurant that doubles as a trip to the doctor because a physician will check patrons and prescribe a food dish based on the diagnosis.

Places to skip to:

4:15 – Soup

7:50 – Bone marrow

11:00 – Pearls for the skin

13:00 – Doctor in restaurant

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