Is Gravity a Feminist Film?

Hi everyone! I know we have the week off of blogging, but I wanted to share this article and start a discussion about whether or not Gravity is a feminist film.

Here is the link to the article:

I had not seen Gravity before, but I heard discussion about it being an extraordinary film with a very strong female lead in Sandra Bullock. While I agree with both of these statements, I don’t agree with the fact that Gravity depicts a woman who is independent and who survives without the help of a man. After all, George Clooney’s character saves Bullock’s character when she is first detached and then comes to her in a vision when she is unconscious and ready to accept death. HE gives her advice in this vision that saves her life and brings her safely back to Earth.

One could argue that this advice was a construct of her own intellect, but ultimately Cuaron chose to communicate this “life-saving idea” through Clooney’s character.

Although the film had many great qualities and was overall a very powerful piece of work, this aspect of the film really disappointed me. Opie goes over other issues with the portrayal of Bullock’s character in this article that didn’t immediately stand out to me, but that I could find fault with once they were pointed out.

What do you guys think? Is Gravity really the groundbreaking feminist film that many believe it to be?