Ready Player One and the Myth of Total Cinema

I recently read the book and saw the movie Ready Player One. I will try my best not to spoil anything it in this post, but it has some interesting implications to the Myth of Total Cinema that we talk about in class often.

Quick background: In the future, everyone spends most of their time in a virtual reality world (The Oasis) and people are looking for an Easter Egg left behind by the developer.

The scenes from the movie are all almost completely different than how it played out in the book, but both were enjoyable and they reflected on two sides of the Myth of Total Cinema.

The movie hits the topic of not realizing you are in the Oasis strongly. Some people are equipped with suits that replicate how things feel on your body and fancy rigs to walk around on. What is more interesting is that in select scenes, there are times when players are shown throwing something to someone else in the game but from the real world (ie a person with goggles throws something invisible to someone else with goggles). This is something that sounds ridiculous because the orientation in the game is not reflected in the real world like that, yet it makes us see how closely the two worlds are to these people. Another time, a group of people standing next to each other in the real world are all killed in the game at the same time by the same strike. This further  blurs that ground between the real world and the Oasis.

The book focuses more on the personal relationships. Do you know who someone is even if you have never met them? This hits much closer to home in that we communicate often with people we never meet. It is less aligned with the Myth of Total Cinema, but it does touch on the idea some. How real are your relationships with friends if they are able to put on a different face when you talk to them? Are they the same person online as they are in person?

In my opinion, I liked both the movie and book very much and I would recommend both.

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