Prelude: Dog Star Man (1961, Stan Brakhage), Scorpio Rising (1963, Bruce Byron), a new experience.

Watching both Prelude: Dog Star Man (1961, Stan Brakhage) and Scorpio Rising (1963, Bruce Byron) was a pretty new experience to me, aside from what we watched in class on Tuesday the only other thing that I’ve seen that I would think is akin to experimental film is Duality ( 2014, Captain Murphy) which is a film that is a music video for the entire album, after having discussing experimental film in class and watching both of the aforementioned films it is quite obvious that Duality gets a lot of its inspiration from such films as Dog Star Man. What surprised me most about both films Is how well they managed to keep my attention, not once during either film did I find myself wandering in thought I was completely involved in what I was consuming, attempting to understand what I was watching and what each film was trying to convey. In the case of Prelude: Dog Star Man most of my energy when to interpreting the image on screen and with the rapid cuts and distortion I was left with little time to piece it all together and try to make meaning of it all. What I was able to take away from Prelude: Dog Star Man is the collision of the worlds of man, dog and star, what I mean by that is that nearly every shot in the film was of a man, nature, or the sun, and they were strung together showing they are in conflict but also how they are all one. With each of the three subjects taking up about the same screen time it suggest to me that they were some sort of trinity and the result is the Dog Star Man, a mystical figure made up of nature flesh and the cosmos, as far as what the Dog Star Mans purpose is and why he exist and what message Brakhage is attempting to tell us is still a mystery to me, maybe if I watch the entirety of Dog Star Man I could answer these question though I have the feeling ill only be left with more questions. Scorpio Rising (1963, Bruce Byron) was a very different viewing experience from Dog Star Man, with Scorpio Rising much like in Dog Star Man I was intently focused on the film and trying to comprehend it, however unlike in Dog Star Man though out the film I knew what I was looking at and so my thoughts were more on what this all means together. That being said I still have no real sense of what I was intended to take away from the film, I got that Anger was drawing a connection between Christianity the homosexual bikers and Nazis but I’m not sure what he’s saying by lumping the three together or who the film is really critical of.

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