A breakdown of the Dark Night



The above links are for a couple of YouTube videos off film channels that I highly recommend. The first video is from a channel called Wisecrack which is a channel dedicated to braking down film and television primarily for their social a philosophical meaning often like in this video with a humorous lens. I thought this particularly relevant because we have been discussing film with regard to genre and as we discussed in class genre is a fluid idea that leans heavily on the contemporary social and political climate. The second video is from a channel called FilmJoy, this video offer an interesting perspective on the film and goes in depth in breaking down the motives and goals of the major characters the video focuses on the joker and ultimately makes the argument that Heath Legder’s performance of the joker is the best performance in all of cinema which I think is quite a bold statement and can’t totally get behind but Mike makes some very convincing points, what do you think about these videos and do you think that Heath Legder’s performance of the joker is the best?

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  1. I’m not sure I could ever commit to one particular actor in a particular role as being the “best of all time”, simply because these roles are so incredibly different from each other. I could be more easily persuaded to accept the Joker as perhaps the best acted villain role of all time, but it’s simply too difficult to compare and contrast him to everything from Red in the Shawshank Redemption to comedic actors. Ledger’s role in particular has become something of a legend, as his unfortunate death relatively shortly after the film led to rumors perpetuated across all forms of news and media that the role of the Joker was one he was unable to “come back” from. These myths have been largely debunked, but I know that at the time it certainly added a new element of mystique or fascination for me. There’s something eerie about watching the performance of deceased actors in that way, especially those that we later find out had emotional, mental, or substance-related issues. Though it’s none of my business, I find myself subconsciously relating those issues to the characterizations I see on-screen. Joker’s motive is to corrupt Batman or anyone who will give an ear to their nihilistic side, and it’s creepy to imagine that a potential victim could have been Ledger himself.

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