Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

After our viewing of Singin’ in the Rain, I have been watching a lot of Gene Kelly youtube videos and I came across this one yesterday. I thought it was very relevant after Thursday’s class discussion. We were talking about Gene Kelly’s influence in today’s performance culture. We also talked about which of today’s stars could be classified as a “modern-day Gene Kelly”.

This video includes clips from a variety of films, but Gene Kelly and clips from “Singin’ in the Rain” are featured as well. The video is set to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”, which I thought was pretty cool considering we brought him up in class as a potential contender for the modern day Gene.

It’s amazing to me that the beat of “Uptown Funk” flows so well with the movement and expression of all of these old movie stars. It’s a really well-edited video and really entertaining as well- a great tribute to old hollywood with a modern beat. Definitely worth the 5 minutes to check it out!

Video  link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1F0lBnsnkE and posted below:





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