Campus Resources

This page will provide links to various campus resources. If you have any questions about seeking out these resources or would like help in doing so, please email Dr. Murdock.

Each resource name is linked to their website.

The Communication Center 

The Communication Center provides support for students with respect to developing competency and excellence in written, oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal communication. They offer individual and group appointments in which you can receive feedback on your composing. This being said, they are not a ‘fix-it’ shop.

The Library

The Georgia Tech Library provides students with many services besides
borrowing privileges including access to technology and technical assistance, online
access to many journals and databases, and subject and personalized research

The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides free mental health counseling services to all currently enrolled Georgia Tech students, as well as psychoeducational testing services, stress management and wellness workshops, and in-house focus groups to help clients connect over shared experiences.

The Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to all programs and activities offered at Georgia Tech. They provide documentation and officially sanctioned requests for accommodation for students, and serve as a resource for instructors as they build learning environments to meet the needs of all students.

OMED: Educational Services

OMED is the unit charged by Georgia Tech with the retention, development, and performance of the complete student learner who is traditionally underrepresented: African American, Hispanic, and Native American. OMED provides a number of services, including academic support.

LGBTQIA Resource Center 

The LGBTQIA Resource Center coordinates a range of programs and events throughout the year to educate faculty, students and staff about LGBTQIA issues, providing safe spaces for LGBTQIA students to build communities and explore their identities, facilitating conversations about LGBTQIA diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Campus Closet 

Do you need some clothes? Do you need a suit or dress apparel for an interview? Do you need clothing support for any reason? Campus Closet is an on-campus resource for enrolled Tech Students.

Klemis Kitchen

Klemis Kitchen is Georgia Tech’s campus food pantry. They provide free meals to college students in need. With the help of Campus Kitchens, a national effort towards student-powered hunger relief, their volunteers prepare individual meals from campus dining halls. They rescue food that would otherwise go to waste and use it to support students at Georgia Tech.

Technological Resources

Gadgets @ GT provides a variety of equipment and accessories to the GT community. They provide audio visual equipment and accessories, GoPro Cameras, iPads, laptops, and various other items.

Lynda @ GT provides instruction in using the latest software with instructional videos and industry experts. As a student, you have access to this resource and may make use of it.

Software @ GT [OIT] provides GT students with various software through agreements with the software distributors. Check the specifics regarding the support needed for any available programs.